Welcome to Lisa McCluer's Piano Studio! 

McCluer Music is located in the great Kansas City area in northern Overland Park, between Mission and Merriam.  It is conveniently located close to highways, not far from most Kansas City locations.  I can be reached at (913)220-6057 or mccluer.lisa@gmail.com.


My passion is teaching piano!  I enjoy each and every student, and their unique personalities and gifts. I believe music is an art form which requires discipline and perseverance, but is also fun and creative.  My goal is to help students to be the best they can be in a fun, nurturing environment.  I believe in encouragement and being positive, while at the same time, inspiring students to work hard and develop to their  full potential.  I frequently include activities and games in the lessons to reinforce musical concepts.  Students may be found creating major scales with squinkies, swatting “flies” to name notes, fishing for notes, or hopping on a giant floor keyboard to reinforce intervals!


My program provides a well-rounded music education as students will learn to read and understand music, to create music, and to perform.  Students will learn many styles of music and will get many performance opportunities both formal and informal, and they will learn how to create their own music through improvisation and composition.  They will also gain camaraderie with other piano students as they get to know them through piano parties, camps, recitals, and other activities.


Students will be inspired to succeed through the annual practice incentive which provides rewards and incentives for accomplishments throughout the year.  Examples of past  incentives are “The Festival of Composers Challenge” where students worked their way through a timeline of composers, learning about them along the way and earning CDs for completing the timeline.  Another example is “The Piano Action Challenge” where students learned how a piano works, and earned piano parts throughout the year.  Those who completed the challenge earned a field trip and pizza party at The Piano Technicians Guild Museum.


I enjoy students of all ages, levels, and abilities and believe that learning piano has life-long benefits for everyone.  It enhances learning in all areas as it facilitates hand-eye coordination, mental concentration, memory skills, and aural development.  It is also a wonderful tool to teach self-discipline and that consistent effort creates results. My greatest joy is watching my students enjoy music and express pride in their accomplishments!

Please feel free to browse the “photos” section of my website to get an idea of what it’s like at McCluer Music.  Thank you for visiting my website!