The Flavors of Music Practice Incentive

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The Flavors of Music Theme/Practice Incentive officially begins this week, and I am so excited! Thank you to Abi for the theme idea, and Reesa and Roma for the idea of squishies as awards! I am having so much with it. I think I love squishies as much as my students do! To find out more about "The Flavors of Music", take a look at your child's assignment book which was sent home last week, and look for "The Flavors of Music" description sheet. Students will earn points for.....Read More

Listening Points

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One of the categories students will work on this year is listening to music and attending concerts. Students will earn points by either listening to a YouTube performance or by attending a live performance. I highly recommend attending at least one concert as there is no substitute for a live concert for students to become really motivated and excited about music, and to experience music as art. Students will earn 1 point for each youtube video (from my "Flavors of Music" playlist), an.....Read More

Spring Piano Party

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We had a great turnout at the Spring Piano Party on Saturday, April 28th! After filling our plates with delicious snacks, we began by going over terms such as rhythm, articulation, legato, staccato, dynamics, and tempo. We also talked about audience and performance etiquette, and we practiced bowing. As students performed, two st.....Read More

Article about the Benefits of Music by Kelly Vanden Bos

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There are so many benefits of studying music and I have been reading a lot about that subject lately.   My student, Kelly Vanden Bos shared a paper she wrote on that very topic, and she graciously agreed to let me share it on my blog.  Here it is - enjoy!   Playing A Musical Instrument Helps Students in Countless Ways by Kelly Vanden Bos   Playing a musical instrument has many effects on a studen.....Read More

Elephants Love Music Too!

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This week, students have been completing a form describing why they love music, special musical moments, and how they might share music with others.  I came across this video and was amazed to see how much elephants love music too!  Enjoy! More

Joyous Jeffrey!

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Jeffrey has achieved his goal of consistent good posture and position at the piano!  Notice how he is at just the right distance from the keys - his elbows are slightly in front of his body, and he is sitting nicely on the front half of the bench.  Doesn't he look proud?  .....Read More

Delightful Dalila!

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Dalila has demonstrated a good position at the piano for at least 5 weeks  - she's got it down!  Notice how her feet are firmly planted under her knees, and her shoulders, arms and hands look relaxed.  Congratulations, Dalila! .....Read More

Beautiful Bebe!

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Doesn't Bebe look graceful and beautiful at the piano?  Her fingers gracefully curve from her knuckles, she is sitting firmly on her sitting bones, elbows in front of her body, and has great posture!  If you are small, it also helps to put a small stool under your feet for added support.  Way to go, Bebe! .....Read More

Roman Rocks his Position at the Piano!

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Look at Roman - he's really got it down!  His posture is straight, yet relaxed, his elbows are right in front of the center of his body, and his forearms are nice and level.  Congratulations, Roman! .....Read More

Phaedra - Lookin' Good!

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Congratulations, Phaedra! Doesn't her position at the piano look wonderful?  Notice how level her forearms are with the piano, and how her fingers curve down from her knuckles.  The bench is at just the right height to enable her excellent position.  Great job! .....Read More

Susanna reaches her Technique Goals!

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Susanna was the second student to accomplish technique goals.  She has accomplished two goals:  1)  Establishing the habit of being in the proper position at the piano, and  2)  Keeping her 4th finger curved while playing.  Doesn't she look happy?  Congratulations, Susanna!  .....Read More

Technique Goals Achieved: Featuring Ryan!

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As part of our "Under the 'C' Discoveries" practice incentive, students have focused on specific technique goals.  For most students, their first challenge was establishing a habit of sitting at the proper distance, height, and posture at the piano.  To achieve that goal, they must demonstrate that their proper placement has become a habit by placing themselves correctly at the piano for 5 weeks at the beginning of their lesson.  I am happy to report that many ha.....Read More

Recital/Festival Preparation

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The time is drawing near to the Fall Festival and Fall Recital.  Students - you have been working so hard, and you're doing a great job!  Now is the time to practice very hard, and work on specific things so that you will have a confident, exciting, and beautiful performance.  Remember, playing it at home is very different from playing in front of an audience or judge.  You want to be sure you know your piece "inside and out" so you can perform well with an a.....Read More

Under the C Discoveries: Technique

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What is technique, and why is it important?  Just as a basketball player practices specific skills to become a better player, a pianist practices certain skills to become a better pianist.   Piano technique can be summarized as the way you use your body to play the piano.  Good technique is essential in order to play more difficult music, produce a beautiful sound, prevent injuries or pain, and to create artistry at the piano (or create expressive music that people will en.....Read More