Spring Piano Party

Published: Apr 30, 2018  |   Category: Uncategorized

We had a great turnout at the Spring Piano Party on Saturday, April 28th! After filling our plates with delicious snacks, we began by going over terms such as rhythm, articulation, legato, staccato, dynamics, and tempo. We also talked about audience and performance etiquette, and we practiced bowing. As students performed, two students were given whiteboards to write comments to share with the performer on what they did well, and what they should work on. I was so impressed with students' sophisticated, positive and helpful feedback!

Once everyone performed, we played "The Distraction Game". A few students volunteered to play their piece while others did their best to distract the performer to see if they could keep playing with all the noise/distraction. It was lots of fun, especially for those who got to be the "distractors"! This is something I recommend you try at home, to ensure that your child is really ready for the performance. I'm sure you have plenty of people at home who would love to help with this game! Another game you can try is the "Stop/Start" game. As the student plays their piece, a family member says "stop" and the student has to freeze right where they are, then says "start" and they have to pick up where they left off. Students can play their pieces at home in environments they are used to, but these games are a way to ensure that students can perform in a different environment, with possible distractions.

To conclude our fun, we played "Rally with Rhythms" with our Egg-spert Quizzer. Students pressed the egg, and chose the card that matched the color of egg where it stopped. Some students had to clap and count a rhythm, some had to write measures of rhythm, add up the beats, or determine a time signature.

I just love having Piano Parties for students! I enjoy seeing new connections and friends being made, helping students become better performers and listeners of music, and honing their theory skills. I know the students also really enjoyed the food! One of the highlights were the beautiful cupcakes made by Saptha, Anvi's mom. They were truly works of art!

Thank you everyone, for taking the time to bring your child to the party! I think it was a valuable experience, lots of fun, and we are going to have an awesome recital on May 12th!


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