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One of the categories students will work on this year is listening to music and attending concerts. Students will earn points by either listening to a YouTube performance or by attending a live performance. I highly recommend attending at least one concert as there is no substitute for a live concert for students to become really motivated and excited about music, and to experience music as art. Students will earn 1 point for each youtube video (from my "Flavors of Music" playlist), and 3 points for going to a concert. They will fill out a simple listening sheet for each. If they go to a concert, just choose one of the pieces for the listening sheet. Students need a total of 5 points, and they will earn a small squishy when this is accomplished.

Here is a link to my "Flavors of Music" playlist, which features a variety of styles/"flavors":

We are so fortunate to live in a city where there are an abundance of opportunities in the arts, including phenomenal piano concerts. I've compiled a list for you, many of which are free.

Calendar of Piano Concert Options
  • Friday, September 21st/ 7:30 pm – Vladimir Viardo, 1900 Building - $10 - $30 /International Center for Music
  • Friday, September 28th/ 7:30 pm - Behzod Abduraimov, Piano, with the Park ICM Orchestra – Graham Tyler Memorial Chapel - $30/ International Center for Music
  • Sunday, September 30th/ 5:00 pm – Sean Chen, White Recital Hall, UMKC - FREE
  • Monday, October 1st/ noon – Vivant! Tango Swing and other Bling – Joyce Ruel Series, JCCC - FREE
  • Monday, October 8th/ noon – Jack Winerock – Joyce Ruel Series, JCCC - FREE
  • Saturday, October 13th/ 7:00 – 9:00 – Nathan Lee, Discovery Series, Unity Temple on the Plaza - FREE
  • Monday, October 22nd/ noon – Duo Pianos – Joyce Ruel Series, JCCC - FREE
  • Friday, November 2nd/  7:30 pm – Vikingur Olafsson, Bach & Philip Glass, Master Pianists Series – FREE for children up to age 17
  • Saturday, January 19th/ 7:30 pm - Behzod Abduraimov, Piano / 1900 Building - $10 - $30
  • Saturday, February 16th/ 7:30 pm – Jonathan Biss, Beethoven Sonatas, Master Pianists Series – FREE for children up to 17
  • Sunday, March 10th/2:30 pm – Alexander Melnikov, Shostakovich, Master Pianists Series – FREE for children up to 17
  • Saturday, March 23, 2019 / 7:30 pm -Dang Thai Son, Piano / 1900 Building / International Center for Music
  • Friday, April 12th/ 7:30 pm – Richard Goode, Haydn, Mozart, Janecek, Beethoven, Chopin, Master Pianists Series – FREE for children up to 17
Links and Descriptions for above Concerts:


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